Brow Henna


Brow waxing and grooming combined with henna tinting. Henna tint is an organic plant based dye used to tint hairs. Dye also stains skin temporarily leaving a soft powdery look to create an illusion of fuller brows as a bonus. Last up to 6 weeks on hairs and up to 1 week on skin depending on skin type, characteristics of the skin and aftercare. The darker the tint, the longer it lasts. Henna also stimulates hair growth over time, great for sparse or overplucked brows. Brow shape is done freehanded. Results vary by person.


Tint colors:  Chestnut Blonde or Dark Blonde, Light, Medium, or Dark Browns



Keratin lash lifts are like a push-up bra for your natural lashes. It creates a dramatic lift, lengthening lashes to its fullest potential to open up your eyes. Keratin conditions and protects hair shaft from processing treatments and promotes hair growth. Lift can last up to 8-12 weeks, with no maintenance or upkeep like lash extensions. Often paired with a lash tint to enhance the lift and replace regular mascara use.

Eyelash Lifts & Tinting

lash lifts

What are eyelash extensions?

Eyelash extensions are synthetic individual lashes that are bonded onto the natural lash with a medical grade glue to lengthen lashes, create defintion and fullness.  Lash extensions can be customized to your desired looks with different styling effects and lash extensions that can create volume and fullness.

What are the differences between the eyelash sets?

  • Classic Mink Sets: $130

    • Individual single lashes bonded onto one natural lash, lash by lash to enhance length and depth of natural lashes and gives a beautiful mascara look, most natural look. Approximately 60-120 lashes per eye which is 90-100% of natural lashes per eye.

  • Hybrid Mink Sets: $150

    • Mix set of Classic single individual lashes and 2D-5D Volume lashes to give a little more oomph, texture, and volume.  This is great for transitioning from Classic to Volume lash sets or if you're not sure if you want too much volume or "drama" in your lashes. 

  • Volume Mink Sets: $200

    • Bouquet of fine and lightweight premise fanned lashes of 3D-5D that are bonded onto a single natural lash creating a fluffy voluminous look by adding 3-5 lashes onto one single natural lash. Recommended for clients with sparse thin lashes wanting a fuller look than Classic sets give. 

lash extensions

Cosmetic Tattooing



  • Ombré Powdered Brows: $550​​​

    • Semi-permanent eyebrow tattoo with shading that creates a soft powdered brow mimicking brow makeup once healed. Ombré consists of gradient shading from light to dark shading from head to tail. Great for oily and/or large pored skin types, active lifestyle, and clients that are not the best candidates for microblading only. Lasts up to 1-3 years depending on skin type and care.

  • Microblading: $550

    • ​​​Semi-permanent tattoo creating hair strokes to define the shape of your brows and filling in gaps of sparse hairs, overplucked brows, covering up scars, or loss of hair. This is a natural and daytime look and is great for achieving symmetry and natural fullness. Best for clients who only need minimal enhancement to their natural brows. Lasts up to 1-2 years depending on skin type and aftercare. 

  • Microshading: $550

    • ​​​Semi-permanent tattoo with a combination of microblading hairstrokes throughout the whole brow and powdered shading. Gives a full and defined look and can last 1-3 years depending on skin type, daily skin regimens and aftercare.

  • Brow Coverup & Corrections: $575

    • Brow corrections on previous work includes color corrections which properly requires neutralizing the incorrect color(s) of red, pink, purple, blue, grey, or even green colors prior to the color of intended choice, shape corrections, or minor camouflage if applicable. In some cases, camouflage may be needed if tattoo removal is not an option. Corrections are an advance technique and may need multiple sessions depending on many factors. Factors may include saturation of existing color, age of work, shape, previous pigments used, technique and depth of previous work, health of skin, life style, medical history, and medications.

  • Lip Blush Tattooing: $550

    • Cosmetic lip tattoo that gives a flush of color. Heals light and natural like lip stains and tints, not intended to heal like full opaque color lipstick. Lip blush can help correct dull or naturally dark-toned lips. Can last up 3 years.

  • Eyeliner Tattooing: $450

    • Cosmetic eyeliner tattoo that defines the eyes and gives a thicker lash line. Can be designed natural or designer lined with outer wings. Can last up to 3 years depending on aftercare and skin type.

  • Brow Tattoo Removal: $150/session or $300 package of 3 sessions

    • Saline tattoo removal for eyebrows with existing old permanent makeup tattoo. Done in sessions to lighten and remove old implanted pigments. Great for clients who want to remove, change, or redo their eyebrows. Results vary by person, depending on saturation of the color, health of skin and correct aftercare to achieve best results.

Eyelash Extensions